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The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) has shifted the way it funds healthcare to the 200,000 people injured at work every year in Ontario.  Instead of properly funding healthcare to help injured workers get back to work and deal with physical and psychological injuries, the WSIB spends millions to hire assessors that predict recovery dates so they can end claims.  The result is devastating to injured workers and their families. The Ministry of Labour must step in to ensure the WSIB:

  • Respects the advice of treating doctors and stops using predicted recovery dates to end claims
  • Pays for all injury-related healthcare expenses
  • Presumes that mental health problems stem from workplace disabilities
  • Collects needed medical information and reports, and
  • Gives injured migrant workers the choice and the means to stay in Ontario for healthcare

The WSIB needs to stop spending millions of dollars to ignore workplace injuries.  Injured workers deserve actual healthcare.

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√ Help us with our postcard campaign!

√ Invite us to do presentations for your union, classroom, church or community organization!

√  Join Injured Workers Action for Justice.  Check out our Calendar of Events for our next meeting!

√ Have a meeting with your MPP and tell them that the WSIB is making you sick!  You can find your riding and contact information for your MPP here.

√  Join us for our demonstration at Queens Park on Injured Workers Day, June 1, 2015!

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Background Information:

Please see our Backgrounder: WSIB’s Shift in Healthcare Provision to Injured Workers (coming soon)








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