Research and resources

IAVGO’s Reports

Bad Medicine: A report on the WSIB’s transformation of its health care spending

No Evidence: The decisions of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (final report)

No Evidence: WSIAT Review Chart of Cases (complete chart)

IAVGO’s Submissions

December 21 2016 letter from Newhouse IAVGO IWC to Tom Teahen re RTW statistics

IAVGO letter boycotting experience rating review – March 2013

2012-2013 Benefits Policy Review Submissions of IAVGO

IAVGO Submissions to WSIB Funding Review

IAVGO Supplementary Submissions to WSIB Funding Review

IAVGO Response to KPMG Audit

IAVGO’s Submission on Rate Framework Consultation 2015

IWC IAVGO HSLC Ellis Newhouse Submissions to the OHRC

Workers’ Compensation Law and Policy

WSIB Basics, November 2013

WSIB Internal Documents

Migrant Farm Worker WSIB training doc

Heath care after repatriation letter to Migrant Farm Workers (January 2018)

Health care in Ontario letter to Migrant Farm Workers (January 2018)

FOI documents re: older worker option

Surveillance FOI Part 1

Surveillance FOI Part 2

 WSIB internal documents related to the Standing Committee, 2012

surveillance data additional 2014

FOI Request – Drug Advisory Committee Terms of Reference

FOI Request – WSIB’s Internal Medication FAQs

WSIB Psych Early Detection Training Document

new surveillance guideline WSIB 2015

Health care data request 2016

2016 PEC offset internal guide

WSIB suicide stats FOI; no such stats

2017 FOI information about psychological/ chronic pain/ mental stress entitlements

WSIB allow deny statistics

2016 WSIB Internal Documents

Lawyer Referral List

IAVGO Lawyer Referral List- Updated November 2015

Physician’s Guide for WSIB

Produced by the Ontario Legal Clinics’ Provincial Workers’ Compensation Network. A new pamphlet designed to help physicians deal with injured workers.


Sample submissions / tips and tricks for advocates

Submissions for exclusion of evidence: unreliable expert

IAVGO’s Test Case Work

ONIWG IAVGO Fraser Health SCC Factum

ONIWG IAVGO Caron SCC factum